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Technical approach

The EUWB consortium provides a significant amount of ressources to set up an efficient work structure. The work is organised into nine work packages (WP).

EUWB project strukcture

WP1 takes care of the overall management of the project’s operational and financial aspects and facilitates in- and external cooperation whereas the technical work packages are dealing with:

  • Cognitive UWB Radio and Coexistence (WP2)
  • Multiple Antenna UWB Systems (WP3)
  • UWB Enabled Advanced Localisation and Tracking (WP4)
  • UWB Multiband / Multimode Operation (WP5)
  • UWB in Heterogeneous Access Networks (WP6)
  • Open UWB Technology Platforms (WP7)
  • UWB Application Environments (WP8)
  • Regulations and Standardisation (WP9)


Special focus within the EUWB project rests on four dedicated key industry application areas:  Heterogeneous Network, Public Transport, Automotive, Home environment.

In contrast to prior projects an innovative management extension has been developed called application cluster. A cluster is a service oriented structure representing logical grouping of tasks belonging to different WPs with a close interaction towards an envisaged integration area. The new cluster structure shall guarantee optimal  information flow and collaboration between involved tasks from different WP’s. The cluster process allows to efficiently coordinate resources in different work packages towards realisation of the common targets, the final application demonstration. Initially following four clusters are identified:

  • Heterogeneous Network Cluster(driven by Telefonica)
  • Public Transport Cluster (driven by EADS)
  • Automotive Cluster (driven by BOSCH)
  • Home Environment Cluster (driven by Philips)
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