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WALTER: This FP7 project, started in January 2008, addresses the need for broadband testbeds by overcoming the technical issues of measuring low level, high data rate radio signals. The resulting world-wide interconnected testbeds will address the short term needs of industry and regulators but also the longer-term needs of research communities. First co-operation activities of both, WALTER and EUWB, took place in July 2009 where both carried out a common UWB measurement campaign in ISPRA. For further co-operations a MoU has been signed.


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NEWCOM++: The Network of Excellence in Wireless COMmunications, submitted to Call 1 of the VII Framework Program under the Objective ICT-2007.1.1: The Network of the Future, mainly in its target direction “Ubiquitous network infrastructure and architectures”. NEWCOM++ intends to promote solutions to the above mentioned problems and challenges is by creating a trans-European virtual research centre linking a proper number of leading European research groups in a highly integrated, carefully harmonized, cooperative fashion. EUWB and NEWCOM++ are working close together steering EC concertation cluster "Radio Access & Spectrum" (RAS). The RAS clusteraims to provide a platform for exchanges and concertation between FP6 and FP7 chair/co-chair.





UCELLS: The main objective of this FP7 project is to study and demonstrate the cellular ultra wideband (UWB) capabilities employing a spectrum monitoring system based on a photonic analog-to-digital converter in order to efficiently enable coexistence and compatibility of UWB-based wireless communications with existing and future mobile and fixed wireless systems. In October 2008 EUWB together with projects UCELLS and WALTER organised a workshop on UWB technology as close-by event to the 2nd Concertation meeting in Brussels. This workshop brought UCELLS, EUWB and WALTER vision on UWB to public audience. Topics covered dealt with UWB, including Cognitive Radio and enabling technology related to future UWB-RT (e.g. Hybrid Systems, UWB fibre bridges/extenders, UWB/WiMAX interoperation, advanced FEC technologies such as LDPC). A MoU between EUWB and UCELLS builds the legal frame for this fruitful co-operation. 



UROOF: This European R&D project, is addressing the challenging problem of low-cost and high performance conversion of high data rates modulated communication signals from the optical domain (over single mode and multimode fibre) to the radio frequency domain and vice-versa. UROOF focus on photonic components and device concepts that apply for transmission of ultra-wideband radio signal over hybrid wireless/fibre networks. EUWB co-operated with the UROOF project by deciding to provide the VHDR MB-OFDM platform to the UROOF project to attempt and transfer the channel bundled VHDR information over the UROOF electro-optical system. During the ICUWB in Hanover in September 2008 just as the ICT in Lyon in November 2008 a combined demonstration was successfully presented.



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PULSERS Phase II: This integrated research project within the 6th Framework programme of the European Commission was the prior project to EUWB. The main topic of PULSERS Phase II had been to investigate the challenges and possibilities associated with the ultra-wideband (UWB) technology and its applications. the project was successfully completed in September 2008.

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