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EUWB - Coexisting Short Range Radio by Advanced Ultra-Wideband Radio Technology

Ultra-Wideband radio technology (UWB-RT) enables short range wireless communications with data rates ranging up to Gigabit per second as well as precise real-time location tracking inherently due to UWB’s unique feature of ultra-wide radio frequency band allocation.

Widespread application of this innovative wireless technology will facilitate growth of a number of market segments – all different, but all enabled by the unique features of UWB-RT being highly scalable with regard to complexity, range, costs and throughput as well as location precision accuracy.

UWB-RT provides a minimum of interference to other electronic equipment compared to existing alternative radio solutions. Major European industry sectors are convinced of these advantages and consequently request the introduction of UWB based radio services in their areas.

Following this request, an industry-led initiative of 26 major industrial, highly regarded academic and excellent consulting partners from Europe and Israel was formed. The resulting EUWB project will effectively leverage and significantly enhance the scientific knowledge base in the advanced Ultra-Wideband Radio Technology providing sophisticated new applications enabled by UWB and highly demanded in several European key industrial sectors such as home entertainment, automotive, public transport, and mobile communications.

The EUWB project is supported by the European Union's 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development. It has started in April 2008 and will be completed in July 2011.




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