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UWB Radio Technology complements Apples I-Phone

Alereon to Showcase iPhone Wireless USB Peripheral at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2009

UWB Radio Technology complements Apples I-Phone

iPhone - can be extended with UWB now

U.S. based UWB specialist company ALEREON recently announced a demonstration complementing the well known user  friendly cellular phone iPhone with latest revision of state-of-the-art UWB radio technology to connect to peripherals without wire and still drawing a minimum of energy for data transfer.  UWB radio technology is providing the lowest energy consumption per transfer of data volume compared to existing legacy ISM band radio system solutions and is therofore a must for every portable and mobile device manufacturer. At the same time UWB provides superior data rate in terms of user level data throughput up to 200 Mbps with low cost RF (single antenna) enabling minimum BoM. Compared to well known existing personal area network solutions the iPhone user will now experience dramatically reduced download time (factor of 50-100) and more than ten times longer battery life time while still conveniently connecting without any wire with peripherals in the personal area in order to exchange files, video or audio data.

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