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Enabling UWB Technology at CES 2009

EUWB project member WISAIR is one of the industry leaders showcasing their latest UWB and WUSB applications based on WiMedia Alliance’s Ultra Wideband Platform at Consumer Electronics Show (CES), January 8-11, 2009, in Las Vegas.

Enabling UWB Technology at CES 2009

International CES 2009

What: WiMedia member companies will demonstrate a number of applications and platforms for Ultra-Wideband (UWB) and Wireless USB (WUSB). See below for an overview of what will be shown.

Alereon LogoAlereon

Location 1: LVCC South Hall 4, Booth 35368MP
Location 2: USB TechZone: LVCC South Hall 3, #30368

Alereon will be demonstrating a variety of wireless UWB solutions for both PC and consumer applications. Demonstrations will include host solutions for laptop and desktop PCs as well as PC device solutions including docking stations, mini-docks, graphics adapters, wireless monitors and wireless hard drives. For consumer applications Alereon will be demonstrating WUSB digital still cameras.

Ellisys LogoEllisys

Location: USB TechZone, South Hall 3, Booth 30368
Ellisys is a test & measurement company committed to the design and timely introduction of advanced protocol analysis solutions for WiMedia UWB, SuperSpeed USB (USB 3.0), USB 2.0, Wireless USB, and Bluetooth technology. Ellisys will exhibit and demonstrate analyzers and generators for all of the technologies it supports, including its industry-leading WEX300 UWB protocol analyzer/generator system.


Location: LVCC Central Hall, Booth 7930
The IOGEAR Wireless USB Audio / Video Kit creates a wire-free entertainment system, streaming audio and video content from a PC to an in-room display at distances of up to 30 feet without unsightly cords. This device allows users to make their PC an integral part of their media center, where a large amount of movies and images are stored.

Radiient Technologies

Location: LVCC South Hall 2, Booth 25753
Radiient will be demonstrating its breakthrough Roomcaster® wireless surround sound technology in a 7.1 surround-sound system. Winner of a CES 2009 Innovations Award, Roomcaster uses ultra-wideband wireless technology to deliver reliable, high-fidelity surround sound in the home.
Roomcaster technology is available for OEMs to embed into their own products, and is available in an Early Adapter Kit to enable consumers to convert existing wired audio systems into a wireless surround-sound system.

Realtek LogoRealtek

Location : Las Vegas Hilton, Suite H2610

  • Wireless USB to VGA Adapter: Enables HD video streaming up to 720p and resolutions up to UXGA (1600×1200 pixels) or WSXGA+ (1680×1050 pixels) between a PC and TV or projector. Double award honoree of CES Innovations 2009, with IOGear™ and Cables To Go™.
  • WUSB Standard Docking Station: Enables convenient management of USB peripherals through a single streamlined unit, with support for video, Ethernet, and two USB ports.
  • Wireless AV System: Optimized for home media center applications, the Wireless AV system provides the most convenient way of connecting a PC to TV, at resolution up to 720p, and any audio system, enabling applications such as direct streaming of movies from Internet to TV with a premium audio/video experience.

Sigma Designs LogoSigma Designs

Location: Suite 2992, Las Vegas Hilton Hotel
Sigma will be demonstrating two UWB WiMedia Chipsets:

Monster Cable will also be demonstrating their Digital Express product that is powered by Sigma’s Windeo Chipset and SMP8634 media processor.

Staccato Communications LogoStaccato Communications

Location 1: Private Suite: LVCC South Hall 4, #35156MP
Location 2: USB TechZone: LVCC South Hall 3, #30368

Live Demonstrations include

  • Wireless USB Home Office (private suite and USB TechZone): Featuring our CES Best of Innovations award-winning Ripcord2 single-chip solution, see blazing-fast wireless connectivity between the PC and peripherals such as monitors, docking stations and hard drives for a truly wireless desktop experience.
  • WUSB Projector with Zero Install Technology (private suite only): Gone are the days of having to “kick” the VGA cable under the table to the next presenter. With Staccato Zero Install technology – no cables, no installation, no problem.
  • Wireless Digital Living Room (private suite only): Enjoy your multimedia content how it was intended, wirelessly.

ST-NXP Wireless

Location: USB TechZone, LVCC South Hall 3, upper level, #30368
A world-class supplier of USB products around the globe, ST-NXP Wireless offers over 80 production parts ranging from transceivers, controllers, and hubs across USB technologies (Hi-Speed USB, On-The-Go, Wireless USB), with ongoing developments in key areas such as ULPI, Wireless USB, USB3.0, Video Display and Audio Class. Come by the USB TechZone for an update and see part of the future of USB, as demonstrations highlight the latest in WUSB.

Stonestreet One LogoStonestreet One

Location: North Hall 6724MP
Managing wireless devices should not require an engineering degree, which is why Stonestreet One built WiCenter® - a simple and intuitive interface for wireless device management including WiMedia, WUSB, Bluetooth, WiFi, broadband and more. WiCenter dramatically improves the wireless user experience.

Tzero Technologies LogoTZero Technologies

Location 1: LVCC North Hall, Booth 6723MP
Location 2: Courtyard Las Vegas Convention Center

TZero Technologies will demonstrate its ZeroWire™ 2.0 solution. ZeroWire™ 2.0, with an expected bill of material cost below $50 per device, supports full 1080p60 HD video and the sub-frame latency required for high-performance gaming. With patented UltraMIMO™ signal processing technology, ZeroWire™ 2.0 delivers >300 Mbps of throughput, >20 meters of range, and hours of error-free wireless audio/video. The solution is WiMedia® Alliance compliant, HDMI 1.3a compliant, it supports CEC remote control functionality, and it is DCP certified as a “Hollywood Approved” wireless transmission technology. ZeroWire™ 2.0 has passed regulatory certification in the United States, Europe, and Japan.

Wisair LogoWisair

Location: Private meeting room, #35162MP, South Hall #4
Wisair will be demonstrating its Wireless USB adapter sets, which allow users to enable existing USB devices with Wireless USB and are available on the market. Additionally, a variety of demos will be conducted of new reference designs, based on the WSR601 single CMOS chip. Wisair’s products will be featured in the USB-IF TechZone and in Wisair’s private meeting room.

WiMedia Alliance LogoAbout the WiMedia Alliance

The WiMedia Alliance is a not-for-profit open industry association that promotes and enables the rapid adoption, regulation, standardization and multi-vendor interoperability of ultra-wideband (UWB) worldwide. The basis for the industry’s first UWB standards (published by Ecma International), WiMedia UWB is optimized for wireless personal-area networks delivering high-speed (480Mbps and beyond), low-power multimedia capabilities for the PC, CE, mobile and automotive market segments. Emphasizing peaceful coexistence with other wireless services, the WiMedia UWB Common Radio Platform is designed to operate with application stacks developed by the Certified Wireless USB Promoter Group, the Bluetooth-SIG and proprietary implementations. WiMedia board members include Alereon, CSR, Intel, Nokia, NXP Semiconductors, Samsung Electronics, Staccato Communications, Stonestreet One and Wisair.

(via Press Release from WiMedia Alliance - December 31, 2008) San Ramon, California and related news at

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