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Ultra-Wideband Radio Technology related News

2011 IEEE International Conference on Ultra Wideband - with EUWB participation
The 2011 IEEE International Conference on Ultra Wideband (ICUWB) will be held in Bologna, Italy from 14 to 16 September 2011. It will be mainly organized by the University of Bologna, a partner of the EUWB consortium. This conference provides a forum for the latest UWB systems, technologies and applications in both microwave and millimeter wave bands. Several other EUWB project partners will be also present in Bologna.
EUWB, the European Ultra-Wideband research project, receives award for its exhibit at FNMS 2011
EUWB consortium published White Paper on UWB
The document is available for download here.
Future Network and MobilSummit 2011 in Warsaw
Future Network and MobilSummit 2011 in Warsaw, Poland
Article "Unexpectedly Welcome Back – UWB " by Nick Hunn
Nick Hunn's article, published 20 September 2010, about UWB's unexpectedly welcome back, its chequered history of ups and downs, and its resurgence of interest.
A Product Using UWB Technology by EUWB Partner Veebeam
A product using UWB technology is offered by EUWB partner Veebeam.
Samsung Introduced New Wireless USB Chipset
September 2010, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. introduced its latest wireless universal serial bus (USB) solution, developed using Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology. Offered in a two-chip set, Samsung's newest S3C2680/ S5M8311 WUSB solution enables high definition content to be wirelessly transmitted from a mobile host device to a tethered device for viewing. Initial applications are high-resolution cameras, camcorders, TVs and PCs with prospects for adoption in other applications including tablet PCs, printers, beam projectors, portable HDDs, Blu-ray players, and mobile handsets.
UWB Radio Technology complements Apples I-Phone
Alereon to Showcase iPhone Wireless USB Peripheral at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2009
Enabling UWB Technology at CES 2009
EUWB project member WISAIR is one of the industry leaders showcasing their latest UWB and WUSB applications based on WiMedia Alliance’s Ultra Wideband Platform at Consumer Electronics Show (CES), January 8-11, 2009, in Las Vegas.
New Linux Kernel 2.6.28 supports UWB
"Ultra Wide Band" (UWB) serves as the transport layer for other protocols, such as Wireless USB, WiMedia Link Protocol (Ethernet/IP over UWB) and, in the future, Bluetooth and 1394. Linux 2.6.28 adds code to implement a Ultra Wide Band stack, as well as drivers for the the USB based UWB radio controllers defined in the Wireless USB 1.0 specification (including Wireless USB host controller and an Intel WiNET controller).
Ecma publishes 60 GHz Standard
60 GHz radio implements Standard for Multi-Gigabit wireless applications
Staccato and Artimi gain momentum in UWB technology
by merging two companies with complementary skills in the area of UWB technology hardware and software development and application integration have gained momentum in the market, which is consolidating currently.
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